Supple, attractive, environmentally responsible and stronger than natural leather.

Care Instructions

ECO leather is leather and can be cleaned with products that are meant to clean leather. Most automotive leather cleaners will work. Pretest an inconspicuous area before proceeding and do not over wet.

Do not use solvents to spot clean.

For Off-White ECO Leather

Be aware that blue dye from jeans is extremely hard to clean as it gets in the pores of the leather. Before the leather gets dirty, we have found 303 Aerospace Protectant helps. This is available at auto supply stores or online. Follow their easy instructions.

Chairs turning blue: Blue dye from jeans will transfer to white leather. Leather is porous and it is very hard to remove the dye from the leather. This is a problem with all manufacturer's off-white leather products, not just Woodstock chairs. Off-White leather turning blue is not a warranty item.

What is ECO Leather?

The leather that we use on the seating surfaces is called ECO Leather. It is a combination of natural leather and manmade material. Chair and car manufactures receive leather in the form of a hide. This is ill regular shaped. Generally only the center of the hide is used and the balance is thrown away.

We take these extra parts, legs, necks etc. and put them through a process that creates leather paste. This paste is colored and spread on to a structural backing. It is put through rollers to both compress and put texture on the surface. Then we cure the leather. The leather comes to us in rolls not hides. This makes our usage of the recycled product very efficient.

The Benefits of ECO Leather

First, cows are the biggest contributor of CO2 gases, so by using recycled material we cut down the number of hides needed to make our chairs.

Second, our chairs are actually a sling suspension. We take the metal frames of chair and rivet the upholstery to it. We then take hydraulic jacks and separate the metal frames to create the sling. The "handle" on the back and the frame on the bottom of our chair is what hold the frames apart. When we release the hydraulic jacks after the handle and frame are attached there is tremendous pressure on the upholstery. If we were to make the chair with leather straight from the hide, over time the leather would stretch and there would be a puddle in the seat. Our ECO-Leather besides being environmentally friendly is much stronger than natural leather.

Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish image

For Hand Polished Aluminum Chair Bases

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

Dawn clear dishwashing liquid image

For Everything Else
(ex: chair arms, plastic structural components, mechanism and levers & chair castors/glides)

Plain Dawn (non-colored) dishwashing liquid soap, water and a clean soft rag.

For B.Goode and Keef Vinyl with Advanced PERMABLOCK® Protection

For most stains remove excess spill with a damp cloth. Clean with a 1:1 mix of Ivory® soap and water. Rinse with clean water and dry.

For sanitizing the B.Goode and Keef chairs see the list of approved cleaners for PERMABLOK® here.

Antimicrobial B.Goode chair upholstery image